Find the recycling collection day finder, what you can recycle and what happens to your recycling when it has been collected.

Recycling collection dates

Unsure when you need to put out your recycling? Our online tool will find your address and tell you which day your recycling will be collected.

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2024 changes to kerbside collections

Rules for what is accepted in your kerbside recycling are now the same across the country. Check out what this means for your household.

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What can I put in my recycling bins?

There is a lot of information about recycling, and it can be confusing. Learn what can and can't go into your recycling and what to do with those tricky items.

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Getting your recycling right

Don't want your recycling left behind? We have some tips to make sure you get your recycling right and bin emptied, whether you are a new build, have extra recycling or have been given a sticker by our auditors.

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Where does my recycling go?

Do you want to know what happens to your recycling once it's been collected? All of Waipā's mixed recycling is hand sorted right here in Te Awamutu! Learn more and have a look behind the scenes at the Waipā Recycling Sorting Centre.

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