Waste less living

Keen to know how to reduce waste in your home or when you’re out-and-about? We’ve got info to help guide you, including a deep-dive into clothing industry waste and what you can do about it.

Reducing waste at home

From buying package-free food and making your own plant milk to getting the most out of your weekly groceries – we’ve got you sorted.

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Reducing waste on-the-go

Remember your reusables when you’re outside of the home and reduce a huge amount of waste! Find out more tips for living a low-waste lifestyle here.

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E-waste and hazardous waste

Find out what to do with your broken electronics, light bulbs and batteries, and how you can dispose of household hazardous waste safely.

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Slow fashion

The Waste Minimisation Team is here to help you on your slow fashion journey – there are loads we can all do to make mindful, planet-friendly fashion choices.

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Garden waste

Learn about different options for composting your garden waste and why it’s so important here.

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