Workplace waste

New Zealand is experiencing a significant shift in the expectations of customers, which means that environmental sustainability is now a key part of doing business.

Reducing the waste created in and by your business is an important part of your environmental impact and offers numerous benefits to both you and your customers.

These helpful guides will enable local businesses to think differently about the waste they are generating and empower them to make simple changes that result in a big impact.

Reducing your workplace waste pamphlet

Download here

Reducing Food Waste (catering and events) pamphlet

Download here

Local business case studies

All businesses are unique and so are their waste profiles. But one thing is the same, if you take a good look at your waste and make a few changes, you will see a positive difference.

Check out the amazing outcomes these local businesses have achieved as they progress along their journey to reduce their waste.


Sanders Pharmacy

Accounted 4

I work for a local business and we’d love to make some big changes to cut down our waste, but we struggle to find the money – is there any funding available?

If you have a project which 'rethinks, reduces or reuses' waste, please get in touch! There is $60,000 up for grabs and Waipā individuals, marae, organisations, educators and community groups are encouraged to apply for funding. You can find out more information on our Waste Minimisation Community Fund page.

WasteMINZ have created a series of bi-lingual posters which help people to separate their waste.

Download, print and attach these standardised posters to your recycling, rubbish and food waste bins to help you and your workmates sort your waste correctly.

Plastics recycling Cardboard recycling
Glass recycling Paper recycling
Food scraps Paper and cardboard recycling
General rubbish (landfill) Paper towels and napkins