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Unlawful recycling costs Waipā ratepayers 15 September 2023

Contaminated recycling is costing Waipā District ratepayers up to $20,000 a month in disposal fees.

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Waipā kerbside food scraps collection coming 20 June 2023

A kerbside food scraps service will be in place for Waipā’s urban properties by 2027 at the latest.

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Waste generated equates to a ‘polar bear’ per person 16 March 2023

Waipā residents generate around 500kg of waste each per year, about the weight of a mid-sized polar bear.

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Fund to reduce waste gets $10,000 boost 09 March 2023

Waipā has been allocated an extra $10,000 to invest in projects and ideas that rethink, reduce and reuse waste across the district.

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Free online courses in business sustainability 28 February 2023

Waipā District Council is supporting 50 free spots in online business courses focused on sustainability.

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